Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Diigo for student research

Do your kids do research or close-reading in your classes? Then, have you checked out Diigo

Diigo is great for keeping all of your bookmarks organized and allowing you to access them from any computer, (especially when the school district re-images and you lose everything). It's kind of like iCloud for links. It's also great for finding cool tools and collaborating and sharing with colleagues around the world. 

But... did you know that it can be a powerful tool to use with students? With the Diigolet bar or Chrome App, you can highlight and sticky note any website and save that information for your next visit! Think of how great that can be for kids to keep research organized or demonstrate close-reading skills!

You need to get an educator account by using your school email in order to get Teacher Console and use it with kids. 

Possible uses for Diigo with students:

More info here on this Emaze presentation I made. By the way, Emaze is pretty cool if you're sick of the same old Powerpoint stuff. 

Do you have any other ideas for using Diigo with students? Have you used it and have tips for others? Please share in a comment!

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